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MaxiGet Software Manager 1.6

Maxiget Software Manager is a free software management app
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Maxiget Software Manager is a tool meant to help you discover new programs and install or uninstall applications. It's presented as a software cataloging tool that will help you manage apps on your computer.

Unfortunately, the latest version of Maxiget Software Manager, the one that I just tested on my computer, has nothing in common with what it's supposed to be and to do. It just displays a forum in the Russian language from which me, a non Russian speaker, can't understand a thing. The former versions of this tool would display a list of apps that you could download, install, or update, neatly categorized by their types, but the current version just displays that aforementioned non-English webpage. Anyway, though this issue is not just a mere disappointment, but a vital flaw that breaks the entire purpose of this app, it's also not its only problem. When pressing the “Uninstall Software” menu entry (also misspelled as “unistall”), only the default Windows' add/remove programs control panel section is launched.

To sum it all up, Maxiget Software Manager is useless in its current form, and I unhesitatingly recommend you to avoid wasting any time on downloading it.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free


  • Doesn't work as supposed to
  • The "uninstaller" is actually a link that opens the default Windows' app management function
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